About Singapore River Wonders Tickets

One of Mandai’s many attractions, the River Wonders is a river-themed amusement park in the Wildlife Reserve. Asia's first and only river themed park, River Wonders is home to more than 6,000 animals, including over 40 endangered species. The amusement park is divided into zones that imitate the natural ecosystem of the rivers they’re named after, be it the Amazon, the Mississippi, or the Ganges.

Manatees, crocodiles, flamingos, and monkeys are just a few of the several creatures you'll see at this river-themed wildlife park, which also includes the world's largest freshwater aquarium and a panda exhibit with the resident panda couple, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

Pandas aside, the zoo offers a number of other exciting wildlife encounters. The Amazon River Quest takes you on a boat journey along the Amazon River exhibit, offering views of the native animals, fish and birds in the area. The Keeper Talks and Feeding Sessions at River Wonders serve as an excellent way of learning more about the weird and wonderful creatures at the wildlife park. The Park also offers you the unique opportunity to dine with the resident giant pandas in their exhibit.

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The Singapore River Wonders tickets come with the added advantage of good discounts on one’s Singapore River Wonders tour, making it easier to optimize one’s budget when coming to the city. The Singapore River Wonders tickets offer seamless entry into the attraction, as well as access to all of the adventures and experiences that River Wonders has to offer.

Making one’s River Wonders booking online not only gets one a good price on their purchase, but also allows them to skip the queue that comes with offline booking. The online booking process through our website is both instant and hassle-free, with customers receiving an instant confirmation on their registered numbers.

The Singapore River Wonders tickets also include package deals with other attractions in Mandai, including the Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park, and the Night Safari, making it easier for one to explore all that Mandai has to offer at discounted rates.

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Singapore River Wonders Combo Tickets

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo with River Wonders Tickets

This combination ticket adds two of Singapore's best experiences in one package- the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. These tickets include admission into both the attractions. The tickets are for single entry use only. The tickets remain valid for 60 days from their purchase, but ticket holders are free to visit both parks on different days.

River Wonders Tickets with Jurong Ticket

This super saver combination package grants one access to the River Wonders and the Jurong Bird Park. The ticket includes entry into the Jurong Bird Park, Monday's home to the best exotic feathered animals, along with a passage on the Park’s Hop on hop off sightseeing train. The River Wonders and Jurong Bird Park tickets also include admission to the River Wonders and a voucher for the river wonders. Visitors also get to enjoy the Amazon River Quest Experience on the ticket. The tickets have to be used within 60 days of its purchase, although visitors are free to visit either park on different days.

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo with River Wonders with Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park

This four in one combination tours couples a tour of the Singapore Zoo and River Wonders with the Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari Package. The Zoo and River Wonders tickets include admission into both attractions, along with entry to two of Mandai’s other attractions, the Bird Park and the nocturnal zoo. All attractions must be visited within 7 days of the zoo river wonders tickets’ purchase, although the Night Safari must be visited first.

Singapore River Wonders with Night Safari

These combo Singapore River Wonders tickets secures one full day of wildlife exploration. The tickets include entry into Night Safari, the nocturnal zoo, along with a tram ride tour across its exhibits and the special nocturnal animal performance. These Singapore River Wonders tickets also include entry to River Wonders, along with vouchers for the River Wonders and the Amazon River Quest experiences. Ticket holders will also get the opportunity to interact with the friendly giant pandas at River wonders.

What is the Best Way to Buy Singapore Wonders Tickets?

River Wonders

The best way to buy one’s River Wonders Singapore ticket would be to purchase them online, in advance. Booking one’s tickets online comes with a fair share of advantages: for starters’ it secures one a good discount on the admission fee. Besides, booking one’s tickets online also allows one to skip the line that may form at the venue. Those who prefer planning their trip in advance could also reap the benefits of online booking by securing one’s trip from the very comfort of their own homes. The online deals also come as combination packages that complement the Singapore River Wonders tour with other experiences in Mandai.

-Beat the Queue: Often, purchasing tickets at a venue might involve standing in long queues and wasting precious time. Instead, making River Wonders booking online could be a great way of skipping the queue and securing direct entry into the wildlife park without having to wait.

-A Convenient Solution: Booking your Singapore River Wonders tickets through the website is not only time-sensitive, but a more convenient method as well. One can easily secure their purchase from the comfort of their own homes. Besides, buying one’s ticket in advance could also help planning one’s tour itinerary by blocking a set date for a visit to the wildlife park.

-Explore the best of Mandai: The Singapore River Wonders tickets also come in combination packages that include the other attractions on the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. Getting a combo deal is not only a great way to explore all that the reserve has to offer, but also secures one a good discount on the admission charges at each attraction.

Highlights Of Singapore River Wonders Tickets

River Wonders
Get Enthralled by Wildlife Tours

The Wildlife Tours at Singapore River Wonders takes one behind the scenes at the wildlife park. The River Discovery tour is a special guided tour, where a wildlife expert takes one along the tanks, shelling out exciting insider information about the spectacular creatures here. The Manatee Mania tour allows one to closely interact with the friendly Manatees at the zoo. Ticket holders not only get to participate in the training sessions, but also feed the manatees themselves.

amazon river singapore.jpg
Experience Amazon River Quest

One of the most sought after experiences on the Singapore River Wonders tickets, the Amazon River Quest takes one on a journey along the mighty Amazon river. Ticket holders traveling along the river on a boat, watching the splendid animals that scurry along on either side. Some of the animals that one can spot here include the jaguar, the Brazilian tapir, and the giant anteater.

River Wonders
Get Ready for Unique Dining Experience

The River Wonders Singapore tickets allow one the rare opportunity of dining with the friendliest beasts in the zoo- the giant pandas! Ticket holders are privy to a private guided tour of the panda exhibit, followed by a 4 course meal in a glass-paneled room just beside the exhibit. Visitors who opt for the experience also get a special VIP seat at the Once Upon a River Show, along with a photo memento to carry home as a souvenir.

River Wonders
Be Ready to Meet Fascinating Creatures

The biggest highlight of any wildlife Park is it's wonderful residents. At River Wonders, one comes across the best of aquatic and land wildlife, whether it be beautiful giant pandas, or the most fearsome fish from the South China Sea. The exotic wildlife tours and special experiences at the zoo brings one close to these marvelous creatures, and occasionally also allows visitors to feed the animals themselves.

Zones at River Wonders Singapore

img (39).jpg
Amazon Flooded Forest

A fitting mimicry of the longest river in the world, the Amazon Flooded Forest is the biggest highlight included in the Singapore River Wonders tickets. What one witnesses here is the ‘flooded forest’; or the Amazon forests as they flood over with overflowing rivers during the rainy season. The flooded forest is home to some of the rarest and most wonderful wonders from the Amazon, including a growing brood of giant river Otters found in Asia for the first time. Other animals here include the phoenix barb, sturgeon electric eel, oscars, manatees and arapaimas.

img (40).jpg
Congo River

Reaching depths of about 220 meters in some parts, Congo is the deepest river in the world. The river follows a turbulent journey, riddled with rapids and several waterfalls along its length. Beneath its troubled surface, however, lies a colorful aquatic world. A prominent display at the Congo Zone is the Lake Tanganyika exhibit, which recreates the aquatic ecosystem of Africa’s oldest lake of the same name. The Creatures of the Congo is another prominent exhibit that highlights the ‘tetras’ of the Congo basin.

Residents of the Congo Zone at River Wonders include an African dwarf crocodile, multiple forms of the cichlid fish, and catfish.

img (39).jpg
Ganges River

Inspired by the holiest of Hindu rivers, the Ganges River is one of the most fearsome exhibits that one comes across on their Singapore River Wonders tickets. Spanning more than 2,000 kilometers in length, the Ganga supports the livelihood of more than a billion Indians, and is home to some of the rarest and most spectacular. Watch out for the goonch catfish at the River Wonders exhibit, which is said to have developed a taste for human flesh after having devoured the corpses of funeral pyres as they’re dumped in the river.

Other animals at the zone include the Indian gharial, the Mahseer, the giant snakehead, and the Black pond turtles, among others.

Giant Panda Forest

The largest panda exhibit in all of Southeast Asia, the Giant Panda Forest is often regarded as the biggest highlight of the Singapore River Wonders tickets. The exhibit mimics the natural habitat of the pandas, replete with foliage, little waterfalls, and boulders. The exhibit is entirely temperature and humidity controlled to cater to the animals’ needs.

Jia Jia and Kai Kai are the two friendly giant pandas at River Wonders. In August 2021, the pair welcomed their first born, Le Le. The Giant Panda family shares its exhibit with the neighborly red pandas.

img (41).jpg
Mary River

The Mary Catchment Area in Australia is home to some of the rarest animals, not found anywhere else in the world. The Mary River exhibit in River Wonders takes one on a journey along Mary’s length as it changes from freshwater to brackish, and finally into saltwater as it empties into the sea. The Mary River is home to some of the most peculiar species. These include the Lungfish, which can survive in air by modifying its swim bladder into a lung. The archerfish can be seen catching insects from overhanging branches by leaping or shooting jets of water, while the mudskipper, too, survives on land by absorbing oxygen through its skin.

img (42).jpg
Mekong River

The Mekong River starts from the Tibetan plateau, fed by melting snow, and flows through six nations before joining the South China Sea. The Mekong Basin is home to around 850 fish species, second only to the Amazon. More species are being found all the time. Some of the world's biggest freshwater animal species may be found in the Mekong. There are no other rivers in the world that host as many large fish species. At this River Wonders exhibit, you can get up close and personal with river giants like the Mekong large catfish, gigantic freshwater stingray, and Siamese carp.

img (43).jpg
Nile River

Since the Stone Age, the Nile, which rises from East Africa's Great Lakes and empties into the Mediterranean Sea, has brought life and prosperity to Egypt. This special exhibit pays tribute to the yesteryears of Egypt through its elaborate recreation of its ruins.

The Nile exhibit is home to animals that are as fearsome as they are spectacular. Like its namesake the tiger, the Tigerfish is a marvelous predator, identified by its telltale fangs. The arrow shaped ‘African Arrowana’ feeds on small fish, while the Bichir is a powerful carnivore that will feast even on its smaller counterparts.

img (44).jpg
River Gems

Although freshwater habitats make up the least aquatic cover on Earth, they support the most number of animal life. The River Gems pays tribute to not just the fish and plants that live in the rivers, but to those that dwell in the riverine forests as well.

Keep an eye out for the shimmering pearl gourami as it flits through the water, and the fahaka puffer fish as they sneak out from their hiding spots. The wonderful land creatures at the exhibit also include flamingos, the white faced Saki monkeys, adorable capybaras and the mighty jaguar.

Yangtze River

The largest river in Asia, the Yangtze is home to one of the most unique aquatic ecosystems in the world. It runs through nearly 19 provinces in China, before emptying into the South China Sea. One of the biggest exhibits at the River Wonder Yangtze is the Giant Panda forest, home to a beloved family of three.

Other highlights at the exhibit include the Chinese alligator, the only alligator species to exist outside the Americas. The Sturgeon fish, also called the ‘living dinosaur’, is said to have remained unevolved over the past 200 years. The exhibit is also home to a pair of Giant Chinese Salamanders, one of the oddest and most endangered amphibians in the world.

Know Before You Book Singapore River Wonders Tickets

Opening Hours & How to Reach
Park Rules
Other Essential
River Wonders

1.) Opening Hours - 10.00 AM- 07.00 PM on all days, with last entry at 06.00 PM.

2.) How to Reach -

  • By MRT: One can avail the North-South MRT Line and get off at any of the mentioned stations, then take the connecting bus from the station to Mandai:

  • Woodlands, NS9- Bus 926 (Operates only on Sundays and Public Holidays)

  • Marsiling, NS8 - Bus 926 (Operates only on Sundays and Public Holidays)

  • By Mandai Express: The Mandai Express is a special bus service that runs only on public holidays and special weekends. The bus operates between Mandai and areas in the heartland such as Bedok, Tampines and Sengkang.

Tips while Visiting Singapore River Wonders

  • Stay Sun Safe: Exploring River Wonders would involve a fair bit of being out in the sun. Visitors are advised to apply plenty of sunscreen before their visit, as well as carry hats, caps, umbrellas and sunglasses as required.
  • Stay Hydrated: It’s easy to tire out when visiting a wildlife park, and staying hydrated is vitally important. Visitors are advised to carry personal bottles on their visit. One can even stop at the park’s restaurants for a drink.
  • Don’t forget to wear Insect Repellent: While the Wildlife Park takes adequate measures to protect its’ visitors from unwanted pests, tourists are still advised to wear covered clothes and carry insect repellent to avoid mosquito bites.

Other Things to Do in Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Gaze at the Exoctic Birds at Jurong Bird Park

Bringing together more than 9,000 birds across 600 species, Jurong Bird Park is home to the best of Southeast Asian birdlife. The Bird Park offers a hop on hop off tram tour that takes one through the park. It is best known to house the tropical Birds of Paradise, a vibrant colored bird from Australia.

tbz2ygazm5wmfzn7btldjkfywqf2_night-safari-singapore-guided-tram (1).webp
Live the Unforgettable Night after Night Safari

The Night Safari is Asia’s only nocturnal zoo, and one of the most unique experiences that Singapore has to offer. The night safari takes one on a tram tour through the zoo post sunset, where visitors can spot a number of strange and wonderful night creatures. The zoo also allows one to explore its many walking trails on foot.

Singapore zoo
Take a Glimpse of lovely Animals at Singapore Zoo

Bringing together the best of wildlife from across the world, the Singapore Zoo is a top family favorite. The zoo features several zones themed according to countries, each one housing a plethora of native animals. It also conducts a number of interactive sessions, such as feeding sessions, keepers’ talks and more.

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    No, River Wonders is not located inside Singapore Zoo. In fact, it is a whole another attraction located on the Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

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